May 31, 2011

Totally Official

SO. I am now officially a published writer. With my words in a book and my name on the back cover. It's a short story in an anthology but everyone's got to start somewhere and it's not like I'm going to start out on the top, right? I'm pretty damn proud of myself and I'm trying my best not to feel guilty about it. I mean, I've worked hard and I deserve it... so why should I feel like bragging about it is a bad thing? Probably the same reason I don't like people reading what I write -- a fear of failing somehow.

But if I want to be an author, I have to get over it and get over myself. Either I'll do good or I won't. But in the meantime I'm going to write what I want and what's inside of me. So far it's done me pretty good.

I didn't win the writing contest -- the one that got me published. But I'm first in the Honorable Mention category which I figure is fourth place. I was told there were 30 to 40 entries in the contest and only six stories made it in the book... Not to bad, right?

My only problem now is marketing. I bought a bunch of copies but now I feel like a douche asking people to buy them.... There has got to be something wrong with me.

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