Jan 9, 2012

Changes? Shocking.

Another new year, another new project started? Nope, not this time! I can officially state to the delight of my awaiting fans, I've been sticking with the project I started a few months ago and am now about a quarter finished, despite taking a three week break from writing over the holidays. This is pretty unprecedented for me considering that on all other novel projects I have started I've sabotaged myself and subjected the material to rewrites that killed it before it even really began.

I have a whole different feeling about this one though and that's entirely a good thing. I can see the plot through to the end and feel good about it without trying to force new ideas in there.

Breath held, I'll get this finished before the world goes up in December. Cause even if it never sees the light of day beyond my own computer, it'll still be something I finished.

Also: registered for Book Country... let's see how that does for me, shall we?

For now, I am concentrating on getting this story out of my head so these characters can flourish.

Daily writing goal: 1000 words minimum
Current project: Young Adult Fantasy
Current total: 10,682

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