Jan 18, 2012

Yes history repeats itself

Yes, I did do it again. I have completely changed what I was working on. BUT there are a few distinct differences that I would like to point out to you, dear reader, before you throw up your hands and give me up for a lost cause. So bear with me.

The project I was so excited about ... well, lost steam. It has nothing to do with anything other than it simply wasn't working. So in a moment of sheer genius (if I do say so myself) the thought occured to me that combining this idea with another I had started to develop... just might work. And so far it is working. Better than I previous thought possible. I am going to need to change the way I'm looking at this but so far that's been easy enough.

I can only keep working and see what happens from here!

And yes, I am a complete dork.

But I'm trying.... that counts for something right?

Besides, this is what I have outside my windows. And all I want to do is play in it. 

In other news... I have been trimming things that have been killing my muse and taking up my writing time. I am getting myself onto a schedule that accommodates the requirement of work, my needed writing time as well as household chores. Brew has been pitching in and helping me when he can, which is awesome. It really shows his commitment to supporting me. 

Also: Rustycon is this weekend. A much needed break from the Commune and release with good friends. After that... planning for Norwescon. Maybe I can get a ton of work done before then. We'll see. 

Till next time, loves.

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