Jan 10, 2012

I may just be dreaming!

A positive review of constructive criticisim? Whew. When I put those chapters up I knew they weren't publish-ready (not by a gorram mile) but that they were a good representation of the rough draft work in progress.

What was I expecting? Certianly not this. More laughed off the internet, perhaps. Politely asked never to submit again, maybe. A sarcastic flame, definitely.

This is actually something I can take and use to my advantage, something that may just solve the start and stop problems I have been facing with the flow.

Now I know, my dear invisible readers, that one review a successful plan does not make. But its a positive step in the right (write?) direction and I intend to take as much of the positive energy as I can get and use it to my advantage.

Stay tuned, lovlies, for this fantastic mood to be reversed at any moment!

Happy reading to you.

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